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About Us

Teri Mulmed

Teri discovered a love of art early on. Growing up in Phoenix, she frequently found herself sketching. Putting ideas to paper was her way of thinking, so it seemed only natural when she enrolled at The American Institute of Interior Design.

After completing the program, Teri joined a local architecture firm as their head interior designer. While designing interiors of home and work environments, Teri often found herself creating furnishing to fit the particular needs of her clients. With outdoor living playing such a large roll in the Arizona lifestyle, Teri found outdoor furniture to be a “sea of sameness” and while the concept of outdoor living was great, the furniture available made it largely cumbersome. Turning to her ever-reliable sketchpad for answers, she left the world of interior design to focus on product design and development.

Tami Romano

Tami’s career path has been anything but traditional. Beginning her professional life as an emergency room physician, she was drawn to the challenges of medicine. Her roll-up-your sleeves attitude and drive to make things happen eventually led her to venture into the business world. Leaving her scrubs behind, she oversees the company’s operations. Growing up in New York, Tami attended State University of New York at Potsdam, earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She then went on to earn a Masters in Physiology from the University of Houston. Romano’s love of science and desire to help others inspired her to pursue a Medical degree from the University of Texas. Choosing to specialize in emergency care, Romano enjoyed the fast paced, high-energy environment and variety of patient issues.

When Tami learned of Teri’s concept for an indoor furniture line that is engineered to endure the outdoor elements, the spark for a business partnership ignited. Mulmed’s passion for designing beautiful livable spaces and flare for creating unique home furnishings coupled with Romano’s experience as a physician – working long hours and juggling the needs and demands of patients – translated well in her new role as a business owner and manufacturer. This, along with Teri and Tami’s ability to quickly assess environments to determine optimal solutions, made for an ideal business team. In 2004, the duo unveiled DODAZ al fresco’s first collection at market week in Chicago. The company’s niche is in designing and manufacturing premier indoor furniture engineered to withstand the wear and tear of the outdoor elements and maintain the look of fine indoor furniture.